Learn a language with Rosetta Stone

The Atlantic City Free Public Library is pleased to announce that it is offering the language-learning software Rosetta Stone, which has been Rosetta Stonemade available to New Jersey public libraries by funding through the New Jersey State Library.

After going to the Atlantic City Library webpage  — — highlight the Learn tab and click on Learn a Language, where you will find a link for Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone offers courses in 30 languages, from the most commonly spoken (such as English, Spanish and Mandarin) to the less prominent (including Swahili, Swedish and Tagalog).

The company’s language-learning techniques — acclaimed for their power to unlock the natural language-learning ability in everyone — are used by schools, businesses, government organizations and millions of individuals around the world. Rosetta Stone lets users learn their second language the way they learned their first — with an intuitive, immersive method that's as fun to use as it is effective. Rosetta Stone’s method teaches the way individuals naturally learn, and offers real-time feedback and live interaction to keep users on track

The company was founded in 1992 on the core beliefs that learning to speak a language should be a natural and instinctive process, and that interactive technology can activate the language immersion method for learners of any age.

Please visit the Main Library’s Help Desk or call (609) 345-2269 to learn more about Rosetta Stone.